Rice&Mango has been consistently one of the best latin bands in the GTA for the past 8 years

Our well rounded repertoire has been proven on different audiences for years and our musicians have the ability to taylor the set list and adjust their performance to create the best experience possible for the audience. The band not only brings great live entertainment for your event, but also thrives to ensure a great experience for all guests and organizers. 

The main lineup of Rice&Mango is comprised of a 7 piece band with full percussion sets, keyboards, Guitar and 2 lead singers. This is the signature band that has brought that great latin vibes to Toronto parties and venues for the last 7 years

Additionally we can have guest musicians for Colombian style accordion and a full brass section for a more Orchestra Like vibe.

We can also offer smaller bands that can be tailored to your needs, venue space and budget. Contact us for more information about these options

Typically we need a 16’x 12’space for the band. Note that even though it is not required, a raised stage is recommended.

Ricen&Mango will bring a very energetic music experience with a combination of classic and new latin hits, merengue, regueton, bachata, salsa, dance music and even rock

When you hire Rice&Mango, we usually include in the package the sound system required for the show, illumination for the dance floor, a Wireless Microphone for the event’s MC and speeches with a standard mic stand. 

We can also include a DJ in the package so that you have all the entertainment for your event covered. Contact us for more information about these options

Yes, we can provide a line input for your DJ or for your iPod so that you play your music during band breaks.

We will test the connection and make sure the volume levels are set before the event.

Please note that you will need to dedicate somebody to cue any specific songs and handle the playlists during the ceremony, dinner and speeches

Check out some of Rice&Mango’s live video clips on our Youtube channel.

Also, visit our Facebook and Instagram channels for more samples of our performances

A typical set is around 1 hour long with 15 to 18 songs. We craft the set list carefully mixing only some parts of the songs which allows us to keep the show very dynamic and make sure we bring as many styles and crowd favorites to keep the party pumping during the performance.

A sample set is something like this:

  • La Gozadera – Gente de zona
  • Valió la pena – Marc Anthony
  • Shape of you – Ed Sheeran (Salsa Style)
  • Robarte un beso – Carlos Vives / Sebastian Yatra
  • Felices los 4 – Maluma / Marc Anthony
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (Salsa Style)
  • Bailando – Enrique Iglesias
  • Mix Hora loca:
    • No me pares – Los Pericos
    • Musica ligera – Soda Stereo
    • Baracunata – Aterciopelados
    • Conga – Ricardo Montaner
    • Danza Kuduro – Don Omar
    • Guavaberry – Juan Luis Guerra
    • Pegate – Ricky Martin
    • Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony
    • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    • Tiburon – Proyecto Uno

This is just a sample. We will adjust the repertoire for the audience as required.

For a full list of our Repertoire, check this 

We can definitely work with you to adjust the setlist for your event. We would like you to provide us 2 lists: 

  1. Musts: Songs that you definetely want to be played in the show
  2. Do not play: Any song that you don’t want in the show 

Rice&Mango has pre-arranged transitions between songs and arrangements that have been tested and proven to work very well with audiences over the years, so we advise to allow the band to set the order of songs for the show.

Additionally, if you have a special request for a song, we can learn it and have it for your event. Please ask for this option when you contact us

For a full list of our repertoire, check out this

Yes, we can offer acoustic performance for the ceremony with a lead singer and an acoustic guitar.

Yes, we can offer a DJ as part of the package so that you have all the entertainment for your event covered

Absolutely, this is a great fearture of Rice&Mango. We will play a live “Hora Loca” with a mix of different styles and genres for that special “go crazy” part of the party

Pricing will depend on several elements such as the size of the band you want for your event, the number of sets, whether you want a DJ included in the package, location and the size of the venue

The range is from $1,200 for 1 set of our 4-piece band up to $6,500 for 3 sets of our 8-piece band including DJ for 5 hours and acoustic performance during the ceremony

Please note that the above pricing is subject to change based on factors including travel, A/V additions, timing changes, etc.

For a custom quote, please contact us and provide your event details and music preferences

Once we have discussed and agreed on the details for Rice&Mango’s performance for your event, we will require a deposit to secure the date. The balance of the payment is due right after the show the day of the event. The deposit is usually 50% of the agreed fee for the show.


Please note that this is a non-refundable deposit since we will reserve the date for your event.

3 – 4 weeks before the event we will arrange with you or your event planner a visit to the venue to make sure we have covered all the logistic details for de show such as Audio systems, lightning, power requirements, physical space, etc.


The day of the event, we will require 2 hours for the band setup and sound check. This is usually done early in the day before the ceremony.

Rice&Mango hosts periodic showcase nights for prospective customers to come, meet us in person and see us performing live. Please contact us and we will let you know when and where the next showcase will be