Rice & Mango

Rice & Mango’s goal is to infuse the party with the hottest Latin tunes and engage the audience with interactive, energetic and well-rounded performances. In 2017, Rice & Mango was awarded as Canada’s Tropical Band of the Year by The Latin Awards Canada and for the second year in a row, Rice & Mango was the recipient of the Caribbean Music and entertainment Award in the category of Toronto’s Top Latino Band.

Rice & Mango was created in 2012 as a musical project based in the fusion of Latin and Pop/Rock/Funk styles. Since its creation, Rice & Mango has become one of the hottest Latin acts in Toronto. High energy performance of classic and modern Latin hits is the band’s signature, with a characteristic sound that originates from lively and dynamic vocal performances backed up with hot Latin percussion and rhythms finished with funk and pop arrangements.

Since its formation, Rice & Mango has been performing at festivals, GTA clubs, parties and high profile events such as Salsa on St. Clair Festival, Ontario Celebration Zone, Blue Mountain Salsa Festival, Carassauga Festival of cultures, and Mississauga Latin Fest among others. 

“Rice & Mango” (Arroz con Mango) is a latino expression that means mixing things that don’t match well naturally. However, the “rice and mango” this band is creating leave audiences exited, with a happy heart and at the same time, hungry for more…